where in the world is she

I'm here 
behind the camera

 spent the day
 a few of my close friends
 as soon as
 my out of town company
 I will catch you up on all the high jinx


  1. Nice to see the crowd gathering at your place, Daryl.

  2. Great picture !
    Enjoy last 2012's days !


  3. My two sons and the one fiancee' made it to the Top of the Rock, and I have a wonderful photo of my two sons with the city behind and below them. Today, I have seen photos of their visit to Times Square---in daylight and dark. The two Oregonians have had a wonderful time this Christmas week!

  4. enjoy! I don't know if I could 'do' a crowd like that - I admire you for being a part of it

  5. Talk about bustling crowds. Maybe I'll have to take New York at Christmas off my bucket list.

  6. I actually took this holiday off from being in the city for this very reason! We try to get away from where the tree is as it is usually less crowded but our bus picks up near Rockefeller Center so we have to get there in the end. I love the decorations and the tree but will see them next year! Hope you have a fabulous New Year's!!

  7. thanx for the email sign up so now I won't miss a post! just subscribed!

  8. Neat photo! Looks like elbow to elbow standing room only.

  9. This is absolutely, positively, FANTASTIC!!!
    You are rockin' that new camera!

  10. I'm looking for you all in that great big crowd!

  11. think I see some people I know
    that you know
    Hope you all having fun!

  12. Can't wait to hear all the details!!

    I think I see her over there!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>> LOL

  13. Ready, set, action....lights! Cool capture Daryl! xo

  14. Love this shot, Daryl. Very clever of you to get higher up. I can see myself!

  15. Fun fun fun! Sounds like you all had a great time. Look forward to your tales. Wishing you a wonderful new year my friend!


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