Buses stop in bus stations 
Trains stop in train stations 

On my desk is a work station

*Paraprosdokians (Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected; frequently humorous. (thank you Faye!)


  1. 'Paraprosdokians'...what a great word...and thanks for the treat.

  2. psst! I secretly admire your commitment to work. You bring home bacon AND fry it in the pan! Tip O' da wig to ya WOOOO-man!

    Aloha from the 'Big Pineapple'
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  3. I feel so learnt now

    at first I thought it was going to be about parking pedi cabs

    I'm not clever but I'm endearing

  4. Well, you must be doing some work, because you've worn the E off your keyboard!

    Very interesting word, that paraprowhatsians.

  5. Has worked stopped at your work station lately? Did it get off at the station and go home? I hope it has a lovely week-end.

  6. Ha. My 'n's are worn off.And the a's... Not many s's left either....

  7. you make something very dull and ordinary look so unusual.

  8. That's now my second favorite word, after antimacassar!

  9. now that is cool.

    thought provoking.

    OMG! Now I'm going to obsess about this!

  10. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I was trying my best to think of this word last night and it simply would not come to me! Great use of the art - I think my favorite is by Groucho Marx - "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening...but that wasn't it."

  11. WOW... the photo just makes this one sing..
    love it !!

    Have a great weekend ..

  12. Love it!
    I have a workstation on my desk too, and right now it is one messy workstation.
    Gotta do something about that this weekend!
    Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend!

  13. Wonderful Friday post! Have a great weekend!

  14. Great word. I think I would have liked Winston Churchill.
    Love the dogs - long hair. Definitely.


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