did you hear the one about

I havent been to the Flea Market in a few weeks 
my supply of finds 

what to do with Friday? 

do I really need to theme my posts? 
give structure to this blog?
by the way 
has evolved much since it began  

I was invited to participate in 
to share a link to an old post

it sounded interesting 
I went back to the very first posts 
picked one with a not so great photo 
but one 
I like 
it got just as many comments this time as it did last

but I digress 
so much so
I dont remember where I was going with this

what to do about Friday

I need a structure 
I am not
a writer 
or a poet 
nor do I cook 
have no adorable kidlets  

I am self absorbed 
a would be fashionista 
loves taking photos
wandering the Upper Westside 

thats what I got 

all this from a lack of flea market photos 
its Thursday evening as I write this 
Toonman has gone to play poker 
I am here trying to come up with a post 

did you hear the one about the department store that went bust?
iPhoto - the window of Filene's Basement at Broadway/79th Street


  1. The first time I clicked on this blog I thought Daryl was a young artistic (straight) guy in his early thirties, a professional photog much in the swing of the City. The Daryl I've discovered is SO much more interesting and companionable. YOU do it like no one else and I've come to depend on my daily visits to the CITY (and ToonMan :-)

    Fond Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Badump, bump. What an ending. Next stop, the Catskills.


    PS I'm a big fan of the flea market finds, you always make them look so appealing and interesting.

  3. Gosh, I can't do without my daily fix of visiting with you, ToonMan, and your city! and I can't resist - badump badump:)

  4. Good one!

    Love the reflection in the store window.

    Have a wonderful time this weekend - will be thinking about you all.

  5. Cracked up here at my desk at work. Like the time travel idea . . . may look into that.

  6. LMAO. Loved it! And I needed a smile today. I too am liking the time travel idea!

  7. I'm so glad you don't cook, I find cooking blogs hard to comment on. "Hmm that looks tasty!"

  8. Ha, good one. So cold here...made me warm to laugh.

  9. LOL you're doing a sterling job of keeping me entertained. x

  10. Don't you just love these heady alone moments? Stream of consciousness, Free thinking (:

    Friday Finals: all the stuff (the polite S.) where you tye up the loose ends of the week. Then you can start the weekend clean. kinda like a mental shower.

    I want my bust to look like that again, not draping my chest like bags of frozen peas.

  11. PS: I really like the reflections you got in that shot.

  12. Daryl, groan! No themes exactly necessary! Just keep being you! I look forward to seeing you each day!

  13. Just do what you do! It's good...
    Sometimes, random is the best of all!

  14. You make me smile Daryl.
    Loved this!!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  15. You are one funny lady Daryl, and brutally honest...but, I expect no less my dear NYC friend. For that I love ya! Sorry I've been so quiet. I have been very busy. Just imagine a girl in the middle of a big body of water..dog paddling...really? Trying to stay afloat. LOL. I am trying to make you laugh. It did make me laugh.....especially if you saw me in a bathing suit! xoxo

  16. I'm adore coming here and visiting whatever you have...themed or not! You are funny :) xoxox


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