monday monologue

Saturday was a wash out
No walk for us
I spent almost all afternoon
what better way to spend a rainy day?

while not as lovely as forecast 
was still a nice day

I headed over to the GreenFlea
to meet Annie (TsAnnie) and Jules
who came in from CT
to see Jimmy Fallon

what's one of the first things we see?
this nun 
carrying golf clubs and schlepping a vendor table

this handsome young man 
was selling 
Mortgage Apple Cakes and Cupcakes
read about it here

Jules sampled one of the cupcakes

We stopped into 
Jules and Annie needed to get kid birthday gifts
they also got to meet 
who ignored us to help himself to that baby's cereal 

Lunch/brunch was at Recipe
of course  

of course 
they were crowded
we sat at the  bar
one of the nicest parts of sitting at the bar
Jules pointed out is the view

that's someone whose name I cant remember, my bad.  
She made awesome Bloodys

There was another street fair, 
this time on the uptown side of Broadway

this city was hoppin' Sunday
there was this street fair, 
the Puerto Rican Day Parade 
the TONY Awards 
moved uptown to the 
Beacon Theatre
traffic was a nightmare

Nevertheless I flagged down a taxi 
off they went back to Grand Central 
to train it back to CT

Now to the part you were waiting for
this week's Morning Glory update

Oh yeah 
ToonMan and I did take a walk 
after Annie and Jules went home 
Come back later in the week for that verbosity


  1. One of these days I'm going to make it up to NYC to hang with you!

  2. I'd love to experience a Sunday in NY, there's always so much going on. :)

  3. Good friends, good food and good things to do...a great Sunday!
    The morning glories are really starting to grow! Look for blooms soon! I was weeding and pulling up some morning glory vines (my bad, I know..but they want to grow everywhere!) and found some buds.
    Have a great week!

  4. I would have definitely bought some "Mortgage Apple Cakes". Nice idea.

  5. wonderful walk, now that cup cake idea is a great thing. Gotta love a creative woman, use what talent you have. your vines are twisting and shouting good vibes.

  6. you had the energy for a walk after all that! you're a dynamo

    sounds like a great Sunday

  7. What a perfect day, full to the brim. And a nice walk to finish the day. . .you really know how to do it up right, Daryl!!

  8. What a wonderful visit ~ and yes, those babies are getting so big now.

  9. There's always something going on in NYC. Was the nun selling something at the street fair? I like that pig symbol on the Gourmet BBQ truck.

  10. How was Jimmy Fallon???
    I think he is so funny.

  11. I love that pup and child sharing snacks.. and those Mortgage cakes sound yummy.

  12. Looks like you had another
    good weekend.. nothing better than
    getting out and about with friends
    and camera !!

    oooh... the window shot on the blog
    was down Bourbon headed towards
    Canal street.


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