oops and other riffs

Standin' on the corner waiting for the light to change
Lookin' up lookin' all around me 
Seein' it reflected back
Reachin' for the camera, 
Diggin' in the purse,
 its here 
it went flying up out of my hand 
Wait . its okay.  

A close call.

On the way home on the subway the lights in the car went off 
not completely 
 It triggered memories of when I was a kid 
the seats on the subway were made of what felt like straw
Not sitting but on my knees looking out the window 
seeing myself reflected 
the sound of the subway car on the tracks seemed so loud 
I would sing, 
sing out loud 
 thinking no one could hear me 
for the clack clack clack 

Not unlike the day I spent with Leslie
 Her mom called: Leslie come here!
 the radio played a song I knew
I sang along out loud 
Leslie came back 
 you sing funny 
Sing? I wasnt singing. 
I heard you. 
No, it wasn't me. 

Reflexive lying. 
A habit broken 
 I still sing 
trust me if you heard me 
you'd turn the volume up
drown me out


  1. That is a great shot... love it
    and then your commentary...
    that definitely made me smile..
    love the reflexive lying.....

  2. Aack! I nearly had a heart attack just reading about you dropping your camera! So relieved it's okay...

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. "reflexive lying" ... plausible deniability by any other name.

    Dropping the babies is not good. In Sybil's case it equates to elder abuse.

  4. I think we need an audio recording as proof. ;)

  5. But at least you sing... keep that up! Even if you don't think you're good, its fun to do.

  6. Love following the stream of conscienceness trip through your thought process.

    My parents used to sit on our front porch at night. When they would send me inside to take a bath I would whistle while in the tub. My thought was that if something got me and they didn't hear whistling anymore they would come see about me. Now I know, they would have just been happy to hear me shut up.

  7. so glad no damage to your camera!
    reflexive lying - will have to remember this one:)

  8. reflexive lying ! that is SO funny.
    I'm glad your camera is ok.

  9. Great story! When you said you dropped your camera my heart skipped a beat. My nightmare!

  10. Singing is good for the soul even if it is bad! Whew on the camera! I love childhood memories btw!

  11. Thanks goodness your camera wasn't damaged. I love the shot of the building with reflections.

  12. Keep singing loudly but stop dropping the camera lady.
    I think I like your commentary even more than the pic. x

  13. yes!

    those straw seat and yellow lights that went dark!

    Warm Aloha to Toonman & you
    from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  14. Great shot, and great story Daryl. Music flows from your words my friend, which btw, is a sweet sweet sound =)

  15. Unless it's the 60's channel on XM....then we turn it up!

  16. Apart from "Manhattan", one of my favourite "New York Songs" is Native New Yorker - it just seems to sum up what the dazzling fever of living in that city must be about.

  17. Ooh. You made a direct hit on me with that seats made of straw thing. When I was very little, there were some cars on the MBTA (Boston) that had those seats, and I remember the impressions they left on my knees (or thighs, if I was sitting) after a long ride.

  18. Singing is good, no matter how it sounds! I know...

    Your view....sigh.


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