I have the world's worst head cold
sleep, hot tea, lots of nose blowing, yuk
see you later


  1. Bless you! Sounds miserable, feel better soon.

  2. Take care, plenty of rest and liquids. Chicken soup?

  3. In and out of the hospital and not one germ came home with you. Now it is Spring and that cold germ finds you? Go figure? Throw out the chicken soup and the tea and go right to the drug counter or try a hot Irish coffee with a shot:-) Feel better soon.

  4. Oh dear, I hate that you are feeling so bad...hope this runs its course soon and take good care of yourself, you belong to us:)

  5. Oh no, that's no way to spend a weekend. Stay warm and get plenty of sleep. Tell Ray it's his turn to play nurse. Or doctor. Or something...

    wv: ovolam. A term someone playing doctor might use.

  6. Bless you!
    I hate colds. They almost suck more than the flu.

  7. Sorry to hear about your cold, Daryl. Hope you are on the mend soon!
    It seems to be the order of the day here in this household too. So far I have escaped round two! No baby yet.

  8. Gazuntite!

    Sorry to hear you're suffering Daryl, hope you feel better soon. x


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