a good day to stay in

it was a good day to stay indoors
after errands

 had to drop off 
cat hair covered leggings 
at the dry cleaner

with all the weight i have gained
 so far 
haven't lost 
 there is that 
 comes and goes
 its a tease
 that pound

 with all the extra weight
 all thats comfortable
big sweaters 

lucky for me
 its winter 

 i went out
 got necessities
coffee filters

 irving farms 

 turkey meatloaf
 baked salmon
 chunky mashed potatoes
 brown rice pilaf

 of course
 i didn't think it out
 if i had 
i would have
 citarella first 
zabars last 
that way
 i wouldn't have been schlepping
 all that 
so far

 after slip sliding 
a bit
 i stopped into stuart weitzman 
for boots
 that won't slip slide

 home to warm up

 i was about to edit some photos
 for the blog 
when the doorbell
 it was our former neighbor and his new significant other 
what a treat 
we spent a few hours catching up
 i miss him a lot
 the woman who moved into his apartment 
is a voice teacher
 a lot of her pupils should not give up their day job

it was wicked cold
 so cold
 i wore a hat 
i hate wearing hats
 they make my head itch 
 in the case of the hat i wore 
a wool cap with ear flaps
forehead itched
 i have to admit
 my ears were not cold

i also made cream of wheat again
 not instant
 wanted to add maple syrup
 but it was congealed
 friends on Facebook 
have instructed me
 on how to remedy this 
for next time 

 maple syrup like honey
 never goes 'bad'
 it crystalizes if you keep it in the fridge
 turns out 
the maple syrup
 i had 
 from 2007
 a vintage year 


here's jack 
ignoring me

why do cats

 he seems to be in charge of the remotes on toonman's desk


  1. Keep warm !!!!
    I wish you all the best for 2014 !
    For a sweet and luminous year....
    Best regards,


  2. HaPpY NeW YeAR to you and the beautiful ginger cat!

    We see lots of "unusual winter in the USA" .... on the news these days.

    Keep warm!

  3. Ha-I hate hats too-- but sure have been wearing them lately-love yours! I'm heading south this week- will wave to you from across the river- be in Edgewater NJ couple days visiting old friend!!! Stay warm- old friends are great-love ur neighbor comment!! Lol
    Rain :)

  4. Cute hat.. and be VERY careful on the snow and ice covered sidewalks... Glad to hear you are getting different, and safer boots!

  5. I have gotten used to wearing winter hats but just can't wear hats in the summer as easily because my head sweats and gets itchy.
    I'm glad you found some new boots because falling is so dangerous. Maybe you should treat yourself to an extra massage :-)

  6. I can't "do" hats either.
    Used to be just fine, but the last 5 years or so...nope!
    I actually itch LONG after I take it off. xo.

  7. I love hats. Summer, fall, winter, spring. I collect hats. And handbags. I am trying not to, but failing at not doing it.
    But anything's better than cold ears. Can't go anywhere here today with ultra-minus temps. -26 Celsius now, -35 with the windchill.
    Love your photos, and envying you the salmon. Sigh. I need salmon.

  8. I'm again amazed about how people who live in the city walk an awful lot. We don't walk anywhere to get anything. Certainly not on errands.

    Walking is healthier. When we were in Seattle a couple of years ago staying downtown there were lots of walkers there. I'd be out geocaching in the morning during "rush hour" I was amazed by all the people walking to work or to bus stops and such.

  9. Daryl, I like your new Tuque! Do you have to look that one up! It's distinctly Canadian!
    That kind of weather, is definitely stay inside weather!

  10. 1 - You look charming in a hat.

    2 - I have never refrigerated maple syrup in my life. And it has never gone bad. Nor have I been poisoned. Of course, as a New Englander, my consumption of true maple syrup (generic "syrup" made from high fructose corn syrup = feh!) may be higher than yours and my maple syrup may not tend to stay on the shelf unrefrigerated for as long.

  11. Adorable jack! (and you :)

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  12. More crazy weather because after waking up yesterday at -6 degrees it is supposed to be 50 tomorrow and all my beautiful snow is getting ruined by rain! Oh well...today was indeed a good day for staying in:)

    Tomorrow I'm getting back to losing that extra pound or five that found me over the holiday...ugh! even my leggings aren't fitting:(

    By the way you are cute in that hat!

    Happy New Year to you and Toonman and Harry and Jack!

  13. You look fabulous! I love the bio pic too :)

    As for the extra weight - I started a 5 day detox diet today and I'm very hungry right now - your menu sounds delicious.

  14. i like your hat. and you look adorable in it.


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