eating my way through the holiday

 i was 4 lbs lighter 
thursday morning
 how much 
i will weigh monday morning

after a really excellent dinner
on thanksgiving

 one piece of pie 
passed these lips
 a smallish piece
 at that 

 one albeit large glass of wine
i did not over eat

 i went shopping friday morning
 my friend mo's daughter laura

 we trekked
 to lincoln center 
 up to west 80 
the way 

you'd think
 any calories
 i had added
have burned off

 we met my friend mary 
for lunch 
 cafe storico

 the cafe is charming
 the decor is

 the staff friendly

 the service
 left a lot
 to be desired

 i was going to have soup and a salad
 they were out of soup! 
i opted instead for some bruschetta and a salad

 ordered a hamburger
ordered pasta

 my salad arrived
 mary excused herself to go wash up
 she was gone a while
 there was a long line at the loo
 not to worry 
her burger hadn't arrived while she was gone 

after an interminable wait
i asked someone to check
on our food

after that
the food arrived

 toward the end of the meal
 mary asked
for another diet coke 
i am not sure it ever arrived

 i will say this
 the food was good
 i ate most of my salad 
i am not a fan of frisee or radicchio
 the chopped salad i ordered
 i picked
i ate laura's left over pasta

 some bread

 when i am hungry i am so bad
 if its not nailed down
 i am likely to eat it

 later that evening 
i had
some turkey
 sweet potato
 green bean
 washed down with a glass of wine
i was
 in for a penny
 in for a pound
 i downed a wedge of pie 

laura and mary with their new pal frederick douglass outside the ny historical society 

i met
 my friend lauren and her truly fabulous children emma and mike
 they are really adults
the nicest 'kids' 
you ever want to meet
 for brunch 
 the plaza hotel
the palm court 

a very posh place
 the food and service were perfection
 i totally pigged out
 blueberry pancakes

with scrambled eggs on the side

a divine silver serving pot of coffee

 no dessert 
 i did have a taste of mike's crab cakes

we had a good catch up 
lauren moved 'home' to nashville a year ago
 i am tickled 
to be part 
 at least one
 'family' meal 
 she comes to visit

i wasn't going to have dinner
after all
i had a very large brunch
around 6ish
 i found myself
 in front of the open fridge
a plate of
giblet gravy
got hotted up
i also ate a pie of pie

my thinking is
if i finish it now
 it will be gone
i won't be tempted

sunday morning on my way to beautification
i stopped at bird bath bakery
for a
bakers muffin

picked up a coffee at irving farms
i am really going
make an effort
to begin
to rein in

i'll let you know


  1. I hear you! I've wobbled between gluttony and 'being good' for the past few days. Work outs and 'no more cornbread dressing' start first thing in the morning. I think the pumpkin pie should be gone by then, too. Sigh.

  2. Well it was Thanksgiving so you can be forgiven for overindulging! ;)

  3. Hey, this is a tough time of the year, you need to eat to keep your energy up.

  4. I followed this post with every single morsel and it was all cyber-delicious. I was hungry this weekend for some delicious french toast at a local artisan bakery/cafe. They make it with their rosemary olive bread and it is sooooo good. We didn't go, but I'm thinking next Saturday.

  5. Ata girl! I do the same...left side of the menu? Yes Thank goodness you walk everywhere. That will probably keep your metabolism going and you might be just fine. :)

  6. I must tell you I love your hair! Very beautiful. From the pictures I've seen of you here and on Kate's blog, I'm thinking you do a pretty good job maintaining your weight. I'm sure you'll get back on track right quick.
    I started with a two pound deficit prior to Thursday and managed to do pretty well until Sunday when I had pie for lunch...and pie for afternoon snack. Hoping the 5 mile hike I take this Thursday will even things out.

  7. Daryl, what a yummy weekend! But what the hey, fine food is gift from above!

  8. Your weekend sounds delicious!!!
    It only comes around once a year, so you gotta just enjoy! xo.

  9. Bummer on your meal with Mary. But you compensated over the rest of the weekend. I just ate the last piece of pie. Thank goodness it's gone

  10. the blueberry pancakes would do me in. I couldn't stop at just one.


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