... but its thursday

i am not sure
 if i have shared
 this one 
its from downtown

 is this #9043? 
he's keeping count

blame it on toonman
 i didn't have to beg for a toon this week
 he'd given me a video already

 blame it on the snow
 blame it on that walk down the oh so quiet lovely street tuesday night 
blame it on my habit of losing a day a week 
 my defense
 hadnt happened in a while
 so i got the blogs mixed up
 then only posted on one
 thats not the same

dont blame it 
 the bossa nova


  1. Such a blue sky. Hard to think it is winter.

  2. Almost looks like it's perched on the branch...hey, that's a good idea. Birdhouse shaped like water tower.

  3. Some days I'm surprised I remember my own name! Blame it on the snow.

  4. Ok, I've now read, reread and re-reread this post and still have no idea what you're talking about...lol. But if you're dancing it can't be all bad. Oh, noticed there's something written on the branch, this, after reading your posts and admiring your photos for the better part of a year now... gee I'm the observant one, aren't I? :)

  5. Daryl, I really like this shot! Shooting through the tree makes it quite different!

  6. Lately, I'm doing good if I remember my name!
    It just happens, and then it passes. I think! :-) xo.


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