its a mystery

i have this problem with names
 i tend to forget 
 almost immediately
the person's name

 i dont know 

 i have tried
 many ways 

i repeat the name 
 hi so and so nice to meet you

 i repeat it to myself
 so and so
 so and so
 i can retain it
 it soon vanishes

 eons ago
 as an office manager
 i would be the one 
who met the temps in reception
 brought them to meet their boss for the day/week
 without fail 
in the brief walk
 the desk of the manager 
the name
 from memory 

i ended up introducing them awkwardly
 as in
 hey manager
 he/she would stand step forward to welcome the temp 
i would hope
 the manager
 would introduce him/herself
 to skip
the temp's name
 in the best of results 
the manager and temp would introduce themselves

  the other day
 when i was on my way to run an errand
 i spotted a sweet little bundle of fur
 balking at walking down the street 

i knelt and said
 whats the problem dont you want to go to the park?

 the pup's person and i then struck up a conversation
 about dogs

i got two delightful snaps
then stood up 
extending my hand
 i am daryl
 she replied

 i told her the name of my blog
 we wished eachother a lovely day
 off i went

 at the top of the hill
 i stopped
 i had been writing this post in my head
i realized 
i no longer
 her name 

i think it was ashley

 if not and you are reading this
 i apologize

 i guess you'd need to be nancy drew to solve this puzzle


nancy drew's
 the name 
of this adorable dog 



  1. I have exactly the same problem, Daryl. I forget names immediately, if not sooner. I'm so bad, I can even forget dogs' names.
    This one is certainly cuter than most. What a doggy darlin'!

  2. I never forget a name or a face... even a voice..
    but I have been on the other side a few times and
    been the one no one can remember.......
    sometimes being invisible is quite nice.!!

  3. OMGosh! how cute - little sweety! & I do love her name.

    I wish I had a cure to offer you but I am afraid I am no better remembering names either.
    ; )

  4. I have the same problem err.......... ;)

    Are you back from Paris??

  5. Puff! My childhood pal!!!!

    So great to see you, Parisienne. Stories?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >

  6. Dear Whatsyourname, Thanks for that! I needed it! Glad to know that I'm not the only one!
    Also glad that you back! I've missed you!
    Isn't Nancy the cutest!

  7. What a cutie! Welcome back, Daryl, I have missed you!

    I'm great with names, Maybe because of my job. But I'm bad with faces!

  8. Very funny indeed. Glad you made it home safe and sound Looking forward to your artwork from Paris! The little gal above is just a sweet one! I so love the dogs of NYC....hey couldn't that be a photo book?? Enjoy your weekend!!

  9. When we meet new people walking their dog, my husband always remembers the dog's name but not the people. He will always refer to them in the future as "Rover's People", or whatever the dog's name is. Wonder why a dog's name is so much easier to remember??

  10. hee hee, glad to know my brain isn't the only one that's a little airy...i remember faces, voices and smells but not names. rather embarrassing in my line of work, but, oh, c'est la vie!

  11. What a cute little pooch! I too am terrible with remembering names!

  12. Argh, I have the same problem! Every so often a name will stick, but most just bounce right out. I wouldn't have forgotten Nancy Drew, either, though. So precious!!

  13. I am so in love with this dog!

    I am terrible at remembering names too....but not only that I am having trouble with faces too...I am embarrassed that I probably wouldn't recognize most of my neighbors if I ran into them at the fact this has probably already happened and I didn't know! They probably think I am a real snob:(

  14. Absolutely beautiful shot of this dog, Daryl. Welcome home!

  15. Welcome back! I do the same thing with names. I just chalk it up to meeting too many people. ;) Nancy Drew is adorable.

  16. sweet little Nancy Drew! Her name is what is important (Ha!) I have the same problem but around here its called Can't Remember S^&* or CRS for short...

  17. She is just TOO gorgeous... Love her. I have the same problem with names, and usually I try to make some sort of association. That can work.

  18. I have exactly the same problem with remembering names. It's horrible. I even struggle to remember names of people I have known for years. Though I think Nancy Drew would have stuck in my head. What a cutie ... I want one of those!

  19. Names...shames...

    What a sweet one little Nancy Drew is!

  20. I want to hug Nancy Drew! The name game...I have the same problem. I usually try and associate the name with someone I already know with the same name, linking the two people together. It doesn't always work and I usually come off looking like the old forgetful person I am. I think I may need to start taking some vitamins for this!


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