monday monday

 is it
I wake at 4 a.m.
 why can't I sleep until 5:30 on weekdays?
  You'd think
 I would think
 after 2 days of sleeping in
 my body would be fooled
 its not
 when I was home 5 days for Thanksgiving
 I managed to sleep in
 every morning
 til 8
 was really nice 

 is it
 I get the same breakfast
 at the office
 every morning
 some mornings 
they only have challah french toast
 some mornings
 they have pancakes and french toast
I opt for the pancakes
 2 pancakes
 are the same weight
 1 slice of challah french toast
 add to that
 the 8 very small turkey sausages
 same container
 every morning
 the price is different
 it varies
 by as much as ten cents
 I pointed this out to the cashier
 who laughed
he laughed
 he isn't the one paying a different price
 for the same thing 
every day

 is it
 my iPhone photos
 with clarity
some times
 they don't
I got very defensive
 when Toonman pointed this out
 I also embiggened
 the questionable photo
 on the office iMac
it looked fine to me
 there's another why for you

any whys in your mind this morning? 
I bet there are

oh that photo?
took it in Riverside Park
a week after
Sandy's 'visit'
those twigs?
they were like that
put them in that circle
of course


  1. Questions. Nothing but questions. And I got nuthin'...

  2. love this post!! why indeed!! why is it some days I can't hold onto anything - stuff dropped all day long! that was yesterday - hope today is a 'hold it day' - moving my studio!! xoxo

  3. Haha!
    why do I always end up looking for my keys when I am holding them in my hand???

  4. Looks like someone lost their 'wreath' Daryl!! As for the why's ..let's see why aren't I in bed right now seeing as it's only about four hours until I get up again..nite nite!!

  5. To this Christian, it looks like Jesus's crown of thorns. I think for Catholics, especially, that might be an immediate reaction, as that sort of iconographic image is abundant in our backgrounds. Perhaps a comment on the pain and suffering from the storm?

  6. WHY ... my family insists that was my first word.....
    still use it too frequently today...

    I like my iphone photos much better on the phone or Ipad.....
    even though my home PC monitor is an HD .. the pics still look
    better on the Ipad.......maybe the phone pics just aren't meant
    to embiggen .....

  7. Daryl, why indeed! Don't ask me! What's it to ya anyway!!

  8. Now I'm wondering why, too! Although I like Suldog's answer!

  9. I have far more "whys" in my mind than "wise."

  10. Your whys make me smile!
    I am seeing Hilary's comment above me, and I think she said it quite perfectly for me.

  11. May the circle be unbroken ~ this is why.

    Well, not really but it would make sense to me.

  12. I have a muffin most mornings. It has been $1.64 forever.

  13. Mysteries: the twigs, the prices, the sleep. But those things make life interesting (or so we can pretend).

  14. My middle name is why? It's my quest for logic. I can put up with anything as long as it makes least to me!

    I rarely ask when or where but do a lot of how's.

    Where am I going with this and why did this happen...oh YOU did it!!

    The twigs? I take it means things will circle back around to normal eventually :)


  15. You made me think of that creepy song from the 50's sung as or by a wistful child.
    Little did anyone know that the 'lovely' song (my dad loved it) was from a film noir called something like "A Certain Kiss." A great film about . . . . child abuse by the powerful! Que Sera Sera - what will be will be......

    who's wandering NOW, Gal Pal? LOL

    Happy Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >


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