water towers

I am thinking
 I already posted

 that odd kettle rocket 
looking tower 
there was no date 

I keep my blog pix on Picasa 
noting the date 
I publish it
 in the little comment section


 it was not signed

 I know 
a lot 
my long verbose posts
lots of pix 
dont have a signature
 I am just too lazy
 to take the time needed
 to sign them
 it is a way of connoting
 that I've published a shot
  this one is signed now

  where is it? 
not the signature
that's up to you to find
where are these towers?
I think 
in the 30s 
looking east
 but I could be wrong


  1. kettle rocket! a black beauty I noticed RIGHT away!


    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I love the one in the foreground. But I also love the angle of this shot. Nice.

  3. i like that black one..yes a rocket or a big, big pot!
    that is a good idea about the date on Picasa. I depend on my memory..which could lead to many duplicate postings..lol

  4. I thought I'd seen it before but not sure. Anyway it's a great shot. :)

  5. I found it!!
    Repeat or not, it's a great shot Daryl.

  6. I love the puzzle of looking for your sig on the photos. Sometimes easier than others. This one would have gone unnoticed if you hadn't clued me in to the fact that it was there somewhere!

  7. you may have posted this scene before but it would have been a shot taken on a different day
    I would have remembered the light reflections, one of them looks like a musical note or the number 2
    and I love that

  8. Great shots. Thank's for sharing..

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday- hope you can stop by:)


  9. It looks as good the second time Daryl! I use Picasa also, if you have a look under your image when you're in Picasa to the left hand side just before the two rotating symbols, you'll see a star, when you decide which shot you're going to use, click on the star symbol and it puts that shot up into a separate file called 'starred photo's' and then if you're ever unsure, just look into that file and see if it's already there..I love it, also makes it easier if I've taken heaps of shots of the same thing and just want to sort out the best few, I click and pop the chosen ones in, and then when I've decided, just click again on the ones you don't want and they'll go back into the normal file again.

  10. It's got a lot of goodness. Wall art type of goodness.
    Ikea would love you!

  11. I've stumbled on your blog numerous times when I peruse the WW linky. I actually thought of your blog just today when I saw this photo of a BEAUTIFUL water tower. I couldn't remember where your blog was located but I stumbled on it again today via the linky! What a happy cowinkadink.

    Here is the photo of the watertower: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m55kggzQx01qz6f9yo1_500.jpg

  12. May have been before I was obsessed, so I don't remember it. There are so many different kinds!! :)

  13. I am wondering when you're going to run out of water towers to photograph, Daryl, but I hope the answer is "never" because I always enjoy them. Like Dianne, I don't remember seeing those reflections in the building on the left before, so I'm voting for "not used before"!

  14. I have absolutlely no idea where you signed this! You will have to give me a hint! As far as repeats...it wouldn't bother me a bit:)

  15. a little late.. but I found it...
    those are two very nice water 'cans'... tanks, towers

  16. I'm totally envious of your water towers on buildings. I have yet to find my first in Tulsa. I think I might have to start photoshopping them in.


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