have been
my parents 
66th wedding anniversary 

did I ever tell you how they met? 
Mom's friend Betty
 was marrying 
Dad's friend Al 
back then 
friends went along on the honeymoon
 the reception became a weekend get-away

I cant recall if they,
 Mom and Dad, 
knew one another
that weekend
from this photo
 its clear it was the start of something real

my parents wedding was small
they married during the war 
no one had a lot of anything
it was held in the local 
the reception was just as small 
held in a room in the shul 
there was no cake 
so there was no little couple
 no figurines
 to keep as a memento

for their 50th
 my sister, Toonman and I
 threw them a brunch
 at what was then
 the Sea Grill in Rockefeller Center
 it was June
 so it was outdoors 
where the skating rink is in winter

I ordered a special cake 
went in search of a couple to put on top

the little couple
 ended up in Mom's breakfront in Florida
 now it lives
 in my house
 I dont remember where

this weekend always brings back memories
strong memories

in addition to
 Father's Day
is same weekend
add to that
June 23 
Mom's birthday

we'd celebrate
 three occasions 
we'd be 
 here in NYC
 when they used to come visit for the month
down in Florida
 after travel here became too difficult

Dad passed in October 2000
Mom passed a few months later in March 2001

I hope your weekend will be filled with as many good memories as mine


  1. A wonderful post..
    thanks for sharing such sweet
    memories... a nice start to
    the weekend !!

  2. awww. beautiful, they look so happy in all those pictures! What a great weekend for memories...

  3. sweet memories. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  4. You shared a blessing, many blessings with us, Daryl.
    Bless them, and you, Toonman & your Sis...

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  5. Simple
    a real tribute... the last comment just didn't SAY that you made me cry. . .

  6. What a beautiful post of such special memories. I come from a twice broken, completely dysfunctional family so I don't have memories like those. I'll relish in yours this weekend....

  7. Thank you for sharing such sweet memories, so glad you have the photos to cherish, too!

  8. How lovely and they look sublimely happy in that photograph. You have such sweet memories of them. x

  9. Love this story and the memories. My parents had their little topper and I have ours. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate them into a still life painting.

  10. Enjoyed reading your tribute to your parents and their love. Such lovely photos and memories. I am in NYC and the place you had their 25th celebration is lovely. What great memories..

  11. Lovely tribute to your Mum and Dad Daryl, they're the most important people in our lives and when they're gone (but definitely not forgotten) they're missed like crazy. I have a pic of my Mum by my bedside and say goodnight and goodmorning first and last thing everyday. Hope you have a lovely weekend Daryl don't be too sad.

  12. Daryl, thanks for provoking some things I haven't thought about in awhile! My parents were similar, in Britain, during the war! May they all rest in peace and good memories!
    I say a photo in the paper the other day of a couple who were married for 70 years and both are still kicking! Amazing!
    Hope you have a great weekend. It's sunny here today, but suppose to rain starting tomorrow until next week some time! Bah! Spring and summer have abandoned us!

  13. What a beautiful couple, and a wonderful tribute to them, Daryl.
    They sound like very special people.
    Just like you!
    You have a fantastic weekend, and hold onto your memories.

  14. The black and white photos of them are to die for. Just love them. Have a great week-end!

  15. Awww . . . this was so lovely. The vintage photos are my favorites, as are the memories. Where did they stay when they came up, I wonder?

  16. Loved this glimpse into their lives. What a sweet story and beautiful tribute to them. If you're like me, just knowing that little figurine is somewhere in your house is good enough.

  17. Awww loved this post. My parents married just after the war.This August will be 65 years. My mom's birthday is June 26 -- just a few days from your mom's.

  18. Beautiful memories, thank you for sharing them.


  19. A lovely post..and what a grand looking couple.

  20. Loved seeing your parents and what wonderful memories!

  21. So lovely to see your parents and read some of your loving memories. Hugs to you.

  22. What sweet photos and memories Daryl! I still miss my parents and my in-laws very much!

  23. Very Adorable! My parents had a cake - at a later date - they eloped. ;) I made a cake and frosting from scratch for their 25th, everyone said it was good...but I know it was not what I hoped.

    My birthday is tomorrow the 21st. We always lumped Father's Day with my birthday, it used to annoy me. Now I don't care so much.

  24. This brought happy tears to my eyes, Daryl. What a beautiful and heartfelt sharing of your memories. I'm glad I didn't miss this post xoxoxoxoxoxox


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