waiting patiently

sweet old gal
lazing in the shade 
feeling the breeze 
on Trump Pier
(just below Trumpistan)
along the Hudson


  1. oh my goodnes, could she look anymore human?

  2. She is just too adorable Daryl, what an intelligent little face. Btw like your new profile shot, 'woman in action'!!

  3. I love her hair do also :)
    and how she fits perfectly into the bit of shade

    I wonder if Trump could get around if things didn't have his name on them
    I'd love to invade Trumpistan

  4. I worked for the Donald, all hype!

    When he owned the Trump Plaza casino, no when HE really owned it and not the trust holders...hahahaha

    hey anyone can do what he does, just credit everything to the max!


    Daryl you won my giveaway on my blog, I need your address...

  5. Looks like she found a great spot of shade... and I love that her 'do' is all messy. A girl after my own heart.

  6. What a lady!

    Never heard "trumpistan!" thanks for the laugh-

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  7. She looks just like my Jude - until he was groomed today, with a cool summer do!

  8. Trumpistan!
    Good one, Daryl

    for some reason the Donald makes my blood boil --poor chap
    hasn't really done anything to me
    just is toadlike
    self important.......

    tra la!
    Happy 4th of July

  9. Trumpistan, ah! once again Darylized.

    Grand old dame, she knows how to make the most of what she's got.

  10. Ha.. she trumps Trump for the comb-over. ;)


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